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    My name is Ronald you might know me by my net name "Greymoon."  I will include more stuff here as time goes on.  My current hobby is tracking US currency at  Where'sGeorge.com.  You can see my WG profile  here.  You can see my brother's  WG profile here.
You can see samples of how I mark / stamp my bills just click on the link for the   One Dollar Bill,  Two Dollar Bill,  Twenty Dollar Bill.  
If you are here to see my old USA County hit map click  here. 
I have found some interesting  stamped bills since I have picked up this hobby. Now I tend to pay much more attention to they money I have and what it looks like.

Click on this link  to see a current (last Thanksgiving) picture of my father and myself.
You can see an old photo of me while I was traveling in Australia  here.  This is the view  from my parents balcony while they lived in Australia.
Here are my two favorite photos I took while in Australia.  Picture #1 and  Picture #2  

Here is a picture  of the car I learned to drive in. I loved that old 1972 Volvo Stationwagon. The Volvo belonged to my parents who finally jumked it. That was ok, because by then I had my own car. My new Saturn can be seen in this picture  I really like my Saturn and I really miss the old Volvo no matter how broekn down it was.

Here is a copy of my  bookmark  file.  I use this link while I travel or am away from my computer. 

    I want to thank my brother for lending me the webspace to put up my stuff.  Please visit his home page and look around, THANKS!!

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