This is where I keep a list of webpages I visit regularly or that I find interesting.

Brother's Main Webpage. There is lots of interesting stuff posted here by my brother.
Brother's Webcomic. String Finger Theater is amusing.

Webcomics: I find amusing or at least interesting
Sluggy Frelance. Still a classic.
Real Life Comic. Even after all this time RL still speaks to me.
Little-Gamers. LG keeps getting better and better with time.
K&K Comic.  This one is often interesting.
Errant Story Comic.  One of the better serious webcomcis I follow.
Sinfest.  Sinfest is a great subversive comic.
Nekobox.  This comic is often good.
MEGATOKYO comic.  Not really sure why I still follow this one. The rants by the writer/artist are not what they once were and the comic is not what it once was.
UserFriendly.  Good, but more hit and miss recently.
Dominic Deegan: Oracle for hire.  I was recently introduced to this comic. I went through the archives in a day or two and really enjoyed myself. The current sotryline is leaving me very flat and I may drop Dominic Deegan if things do not improve.
GetFuzzy   The story of a man, his cat & dog. Much better than Garfield but is not carried in local paper.

Webcomics: That I no longer read or are no longer updated.

Aikida. This is a great comic if it ever updates. The writer / artists is good.
Exploitation NOW!!(retired).  Well the story ened more or less. It was a fun read when it was updating.
Bitch Slapped! Another good webcomic that no longer updates. Just a link so I can find the archives.
GPF Comic. This once great comic is horrible and I no longer read it myself and have taken it out of my bookmarks.

The Mount St. Helens Webcam!   This webcam is cool if the sky is clear. You can see ash plumes during the day and the glow of lava at night.
The Lake Tahoe Cam.  The best webcam that I have found to view Lake Tahoe.
Lake Tahoe Cam also.  A very so-so webcame of the Lake Tahoe area. Really it is not even a real webcam anymore. The pictures are just those taken by someone with a camera now.
Old Faithful Cam (very cool!).  You can watch Old Fairthful in real time. Do I need to say anything more?

Gaming Related Webpages
Steve Jackson Games.
Avault (computer game reviews).
DunDraCon.  A local gaming convention that I attend every year.

Webpages Related to Hobbies Past & Present: (Current Hobby).
Wheresgeorge Related Information & Stats.
Bank of Frank - WG Related.
BookCrossing (very Cool thing for book lovers).
A Friends Message Board.  The message board for a group of friends I made online.

News / Weather / Information Webpages: Scifiwire.
San Jose Weather Page by Intellicast.
A Decent Online Traffic Webpage.
The USGS California Earthquake Page.

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